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Easy Transfer of Programs and Files to New PC, Windows 10 - YouTube
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Zinstall Easy Transfer is a PC migration software, which allows to transfer user files, settings, profile and customization from one computer to another. Unlike other Zinstall transfer products, Easy Transfer does not transfer the programs themselves - only their settings and user files. The product is cited as an alternative to the Windows Easy Transfer Wizard, a feature that has been removed from Microsoft Windows 10 standard options.

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Zinstall Easy Transfer transfers the user workspace from one computer to another. The transfer is done over some form of network connection - router, network, direct cable or a wireless connection. In order to initial the transfer, the user should run the software on old and new computers, which then auto-locate each other on the network. The transfer is then initiated on the new computer. The old computer is not changed and nothing is removed from it.

Zinstall Easy Transfer allows selective transfer - user is able to select which files and folders, program settings and user profiles are transferred or not. On the other hand, novice users can run the transfer with default settings, transferring the entire user workspace as-is.

Easy Transfer supports Windows XP and higher, both on source and on target of the transfer, but its mostly mentioned for its support of Windows 10, which no longer includes Microsoft's Easy Transfer as a built-in feature. Transfers from 32-bit to 64-bit systems are supported as well.

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Comparison with Windows Easy Transfer

Zinstall Easy Transfer is aimed to provide an alternative to Windows Easy Transfer in Windows 10. As such, it does allow to transfer user profile and files, similar to what Windows Easy Transfer did. In fact, Zinstall's version allows to transfer all files, as well as 3rd party software settings, which Windows Easy Transfer did not include. The one missing capability is backward-compatibility to existing Windows Easy Transfer (.migwiz) files, which Zinstall cannot use.

MicroNugget: Windows 8.1 Tutorial - Easy Transfer - YouTube
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